Sabtu 21/09/2007

4.00 Pagi, gw kaget di bangunin sama temen gw yang maen bilang udah imsak ajah… untung masih sempet makan… =P abis imsak tidur lagih, soal nya rencana nya hari ini banyak…. mau balik ke bogor, ikut ngoprek KPLI-F , buanyak deh….

Wake up at 10.34 and doing a lot thing that should be done — doing the laundry, sweep the whole flat — finished at 12.30 and still has to wait the laundry to dry… at 3.00 all the job was done but i missed the ngoprek… still i have to go back to Bogor… so 3 o’clock going home, luckily i don’t have to wait to get into bus — normally you have to wait 15 minutes to 1 hour for the bus — at the time i arrive in Bogor it’s time to Buka Puasa already!!! yippy, the road did kill my time…

after maghrib i went to andi’s house to install pclinuxos to his computer… finished, but something wrong the nvidia driver won’t work… still trying i tried to install the newest dkms-nvidia_100.x.x from pclinuxos repository, still it didn’t work… and i gave up… nothin much i can do…..and the day goes by …


2 thoughts on “Sabtu 21/09/2007

  1. your welcome… but now i’ve install linuxmint on that computer
    -a ubuntu based distro-, and it work out of the box, maybe the pclinuxos doesn’t support the newest nvidia graphic card, or it’s because i’ve installed the ati driver previously … dunno

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