Themes : Minimalis

Bahasa Version

Hi , ini adalah theme pertama saya, saya mencoba untuk membuat nya sesimple mungkin. Karena itu lah saya juga menerima saran, usul, ide, dan kritik selama semua itu membangun dan membuat theme ini dapat di gunakan.

English Version

Hi, this is my first theme, i tried to made it simple as possible, because it is my first theme , i do accept any idea, suggestion, or critic as long it help me to make this theme better and usable.



i’m not include the smiley themes 😀

bisa di unduh di / you can download it sini/here


somehow i cannot posted any comment… while in my localhost i could posted a comment.. seems it’s still have a problem with plugins i use… so for temporary till i fixed it, i will use my regular theme done!!! now we can posted comment..!!

Thanks to

Adit for the information…

14 thoughts on “Themes : Minimalis

  1. @Hedwig,
    makasih mas… tapi somehow lom bisa komen, ntar malem coba ah pake yang plain… 😀

    @mrbambang, ridu
    makasih, tapi masih belajar om…


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